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Pam Colby


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Polly Kellogg

Caroline Gilbert



Joah Colby

Pam Colby


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Nora Murphy

Melody Gilbert


Special Archival Photography

Terry Gydesen


Miles Painter

Pam Colby



Christopher Dunlap



Karen Clark

Jacquelyn Zita

Marilynn Colby

Polly Kellogg

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Joah Colby

Anna Axell

Theo Colby



Lehmann PLC


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Fractured Atlas

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Narration Recording

Studio OKiE


Sound Design

Topher Dunlap

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Topher Dunlap


Color Correction

Pam Colby

Joah Colby


March on Washington Crew

Dawn West

Maggi Carter

Pam Colby


Special Thanks

Barbara Shelton

Bob Jansen

Judith Niemi

Karen Thompson

Sharon Kowalski

Patty Bresser

Beth Colby Plautz & Dennis Plautz

Linda Colby

Karen Colby

Thom Colby

Tara Lucchino

Devin Burri

Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

University of Minnesota


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Saint Paul Neighborhood Network

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Lehmann PLC


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Fractured Atlas

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House Party Hosts

Amy Lange & Jane Newman

Betty Tisel & Sarah Farley

Shay Berkowitz & Phyllis Wiener

Sadie Greene & Laura Jensen


Archival Photos and Film


Moth Storytelling Video 

Terry Gydesen 

Colby Family


Janet Dahlem


Stonewall Inn

1969 Diana Davies

NY Public Library (Public Domain)


Gloria Steinem

By Warren K. Leffier (Public Domain)

Wikimedia Commons


Image of young woman March for Jobs

By Rowland Scherman

National Archives and Records Administration [Public Domain]


Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

By Rowland Scherman

National Archives and Records Administration [Public Domain]


Flag of the American Indian Movement

Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)


Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

Library of Congress (Public Domain)


Vietnam Soldiers

The Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech University (Public Domain)


Marching with Martin Luther KIng Jr.

United States Information Agency (Public Domain)


Protesting in Front of White House

Thomas J. O’Halloran

Library of Congress (Public Domain)


Bob Hope

U.S. News and World Reports collection

of the Library of Congress  (Public Domain)


Laughing People

Creative Commons Attribution

Share Alike 3.0 Germany


Baker & McConnell apply for marriage license

Photographer Heine Bertrand

Minnesota Historical Society


Princess Charles and Lady Di

Creative Commons Lizenz CC-by-SA-3.0


Nine States 1976

Internet Archive Public Domain Mark 1.0


Early Barbie doll commercial

Public Domain Mark 1.0


Marriage Today

Affiliated Film Producers

Public domain


Phil and Harvey's Wedding

By McKenna Ewen

Star Tribune

ZUMA Licensing




Lesbian Concentrate: A Lesbianthology of Songs and Poems

LP 1977 Olivia Records Response to Anita Bryant


Gay and Proud  by Deb Lempke               

Courtesy Deb Lempke   


Leaping Lesbians by Sue Fink

Courtesy Sue Fink


Kahlua Mama by Virginia Rubino & Gioia Siciliano

Courtesy Virginia Rubino


Everything Possible

Words and Music by Fred Small

Copyright 1983

Pine Barrens Music (BMI)


Every Long Journey: Songs for Wellness

By Ann Reed

Copyright 2008

Courtesy Ann Reed

Fallen Friends

by Swan Productions

Shutterstock Music Canada ULC


Rosemary's Piano Theme  

by Alex Deep

Fiverr International Ltd


Indie Rockers

By Tristan Norton & Martin Kottmeier

Shutterstock Music Canada ULC


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